Brady Sports Achievement Awards

Banquet with Keynote Speaker Chuck Pagano

Thursday, April 11, 2013 coach Chuck Pagano joined the long list of famous people to grace the stage of the Indiana Roof Ballroom to speak of his recent battle to overcome cancer. He spoke to a crowd of approximately 450 guest gathered to honor the Brady Achievement Award recipients. His message about becoming the Colt's head coach following a trying time and also of his own tribulations was both moving and inspirational.

``They refused to live in circumstances, they lived in vision,'' Pagano said, referring to his players. ``What got me out of this hospital besides all the love and support from this community and this team and this owner was watching them (the Colts) fight. It's amazing what you can do when you have the proper state of mind. We can, we will, we must, no matter what the odds, no matter what the circumstances, we will get the job done.''

``We're all faced with circumstances, we all have conditions, we can focus on those or we can live in vision. I talked about mindset up there,'' he said, referring to the introductory video. ``When I took this job, this organization was completely blown up. Now you realize there are only 32 of these jobs, and it's completely blown up and you're certainly not going to say no if they offer you the position. ... They gave us zero chance to do anything. `` 

A moving speech from a determined cancer survivor capped another great night at downtown Indianapolis' premier special events venue.


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