Chocolate Bliss at the Indiana Roof

Delicious Desserts & Culinary Delights for Your Event

In light of it being National Chocolate Candy Day, I thought I would share some images from our culinary staff. We always have delicious desserts, and me being a major fan of chocolate, I thought I could share a few pictures of those wonderful chocolate desserts we have to offer!

These desserts are available for corporate events and even for weddings. We have chocolate desserts that are as simple as a brownie or as complex as a chocolate zuccotto, with some in between deliciousness as well!

Here at the Indiana Roof Ballroom everything is in house, which means you do not have to worry about an off-site caterer bringing the food in. Everything is fresh, hot and as for the desserts I am about to show you…full of chocolate!

Enjoy the pictures from our culinary staff and from our weddings and special events here. 


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