The Perfect Indianapolis Prom Venue

Prom season is upon us again and making your prom memorable and fun starts with picking the right venue. Several factors determine whether a prom is a smashing success or a discarded memory. Most importantly and first on the list of priorities is picking the proper venue. The venue should have enough room to support the size of your group and certainly "wow" the students. A venue with architechtural character and charm reduces the need to spend precious dollars on decor. Another consideration are the acoustics of the space. Outside of the venue, the entertainment (music and sound) is a critical determining factor in the overall success.


The Indiana Roof Ballroom has been providing wonderful prom memories to many Indianapolis area high schools for numerous years. The ambiance and decor of the "Roof" creates the perfect backdrop for the most magical prom experience. With little or no added decorations, the Indiana Roof Ballroom whisks you away into a starry night Spanish village. Under the twinkling stars and moon, the terra cotta rooftops, rod iron gates, lit windows and grapevine lined column arches transcend you into another time and place. The ballroom, originally designed for ballroom dancing and big band orchestras, has an accoustical sound unmatched by today's standards. The Indiana Roof Ballroom is the perfect venue to host a magical prom experience that will provide many treasured memories.          



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