How to Choose Who Comes to "The Roof"

Deciding on Your Wedding Guest List

So many times when I am giving site tours of the Indiana Roof Ballroom I talk with brides and grooms or parents of the bride or groom about how they are having trouble cutting down their wedding reception reception guest list. I also hear a lot about how they feel they should invite so and so, or feel bad not inviting children; however, one thing that is very important when planning your wedding is staying within budget and your biggest cost is how large your guest list is.

We work really hard with our brides and grooms to stay within their budget that they have set for themselves, but the easiest way to ensure you will stay within budget is to have a solid plan when inviting guests to your wedding. I always try to explain how the method I used when I got married, but sometimes it just does not seem to come out the right way.

I found to be very helpful in planning my wedding, so I went back to that website to try to find the article I read about how to determine who does or does not get invited. The link below is to the article and it does an excellent overview of how to determine who should come and it also gives a couple rule on how to determine who gets cut from the original list.

My hope with this week’s blog is that it will help ease the process of inviting guests for our brides and grooms. To look at pictures of prior weddings we have had here check out our Indianapolis wedding photo gallery.


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